About Us

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Some of the project we delivered:

  • Over 10 scholarships to students in tertiary institutions

  • Renovation and donations of equipment, furniture and food items to about 2 different primary healthcare in Nigeria

  • Over 20 scholarships to primary schools pupils in northern Nigeria

  • Identified and supported up to 4 youth enterpreneurs with skill and seed capital to start business

  • Supported over 400+ widows, visually inpaired and other less privileged people with Covid19 reliefs in Anambra state

  • Renovation and donations of equipment, computers, furniture and instructional materials to about 2 different primary primary schools in Nigeria

Why Selflessness

We need to think outside the box in contributing our own quota in community development, uplifting each other and seeking ways to initiate ripple effects of goodness in our communities.

Our Focus

We offer scholarship awards and mentoring opportunities for willing students from primary to tertiary institutions for those who would not have been able to afford such.
Health is wealth as they say and salvaging the moribund health care sector in Nigeria should be a shared task. Recent visits to Nigeria, and inspection of the appalling state of our healthcare facilities motivated us to take on rehabilitation projects like this head-on
We give young people the knowledge and skills to start and manage their own business and to apply critical thinking to solve everyday problems. The entrepreneurship program links students to other small-scale business owners with through a 3-4 months apprenticeship process; and supports them with seed money afterwards to open a business.
Our Fund provides financial, technical and humanitarian assistance within our own charitable programs.

Our Acheivements

Renovation of Schools
80% Complete (success)
Providing Healthcare Facilities
50% Complete (success)
70% Complete (success)
SMEs Support
40% Complete (success)

Our Team

Ikenna Iloabuchi


Ujuka Iloabuchi


Afamefuna Emmanuel Duezeh

Director of Operations in Nigeria

Yusuf, Lawan Abdullahi

Web Developer