Education Is a Right and not a Privilege


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Given the various restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s impact to continuous education of young kids within the Agulu community, the Ikenna and Ujuka Iloabuchi foundation found it needful to establish a makeshift school with an after school program within the Umuifite village community center. In advanced parts of the world including urban cities in Nigeria, digital learning has been adopted as an alternative for continuous education of our children. However, kids in rural areas are not accorded this same “luxury”. They say an idle mind is the devils workshop and my hope is that through this project we will continue to engage their young minds academically and through continuous learning so they don’t fall behind. Education is the bedrock for any nation seeking development and advancement.  Our children, our future, let’s not leave them behind.Given the  and advancement.  Our children, our future, let’s not leave them behind.